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  1. Spintires: MudRunner

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Help & Info about Spintires for windows

  • What is Spintires?

    Spintires is a video game that entails operating off-road trucks. The basic premise is to manoeuvre heavy, large trucks to transfer large cargo via muddy woodland regions. The game is quite fun if one has the patience to control these difficult-to-manoeuvre, mechanical giants.
  • How is the gameplay like?

    Transferring a wood load from one place to another may sound quite straightforward. However, the paths are replete with rivers, mud, vegetation, etc. that make driving a true challenge. Adding to the misery is the large, tough-to-manoeuvre truck that tests the player’s patience to the core. The gameplay also entails using the tow cable.
  • How is the simulation quality?

    The trucks and the overall look and feel of the game are extremely close to the real deal. Also, the truck’s controls are almost like a real truck, which makes Spintires one among the true simulator games around. The player must drive carefully and use differential lock and four-wheel drive properly, which adds to the realism.
  • Are there different terrains?

    Spintires provides five terrains to drive on, all providing the same difficulty level. However, the paths are quite different from each other. Navigating on certain tracks or portions of them could be difficult as certain parts could be concealed, often leaving the player clueless on how to tread them.
  • What are the different trucks like?

    As aforementioned, a player has different kinds of trucks at his/her disposal. Moreover, these trucks can be customised as one progresses into the game or gains experience points. The customisation entails adding extras such as cranes, trailers, fuel tanks and larger loads. Also, one can change vehicles to rescue a stranded truck.
  • What are the gaming controls like?

    Similar to the trucks, the controls offered are difficult and rugged too. It may take some time for any player to learn how to use the mouse and keyboard to control things right. But once mastered, it should be worth the effort and learning. The mouse also helps change the camera angle.
  • What about the graphics?

    The graphics are incredibly realistic and they become quite evident in the way the trucks sway, move, and chug. In fact, the graphics may make one forgot the truck is not real. The same level of realism can be seen in certain effects such as mud movement and smoke.
  • Who is the game for?

    Spintires is not designed for people who fancy fast, action-packed games. It is for people who are patient and can withstand the relatively slow pace of the game. Moreover, the game is quite a stretch, which means people who prefer shorter gaming sessions may not fancy things much.
  • Is there a multiplayer option?

    Spintires can be played solo or one can team up with a maximum of three players. Then there’s also two playing modes: casual and hardcore. For most players, casual mode would be hardcore enough though. Also, fuel consumption is high in hardcore mode and there are no route maps too.
  • Is there an in-car or cockpit view?

    No, there is no cockpit view and the player has to make do with over-the-shoulder views. Though the lack of multiple viewing angles may sound limiting, most players should be fine with the default viewing mode.


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